So today I decided I’ll blog about couponing.  I was introduced to couponing through social media about a month ago and I can honestly say I love it!  I didn’t realize how much I could save with coupons.

I’m still learning and it’s definitely a working process.  I can honestly say since I’ve been couponing I’ve been saving so much lately.  I’ll be explaining to you exactly how I’ve been saving and what is working for me in this blog.  The most important first step is to make sure you are registered for rewards cards for all stores for ex. CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Stop&Shop and ShopRite etc.  Once you are registered and have your rewards card you are ready to save! I personally love CVS because the store gives you earn reward bucks.  For those that don’t know what earn reward bucks is, it’s basically money you earn and it can be anything from $ 5.00, $10.00, $3.00 or even $1.00 dollar it all depends on the weekly circular offers.  The extrabucks rewards will print out on your receipt and you can use it on your next purchase.  Most people will make more than one transaction so they can use their extrabucks rewards for second or third purchases.  See an example of what the extrabucks rewards looks like below:


The best way to save is by looking through your local weekly circulars.  I found the “flipp” app very helpful.  This app will list all circulars for most stores and even groceries stores within your zip code.  You can check if there is a particular item on sale by searching it and it tell you where you can find the item on sale.  The trick is looking at weekly sales and buying in bulks.  A lot of the coupons can be obtained through and in your Sunday News Paper.

I’ll be share two different purchase I’ve made with couponing:



  1. Purchased (2) Maybelline Concealer priced at $9.29 each
  2. I used (2) coupons for 2.00 off any Superstay Maybelline product
  3. CVS had a deal: buy any 2 Maybelline product and you’ll receive $5.00 in extrabucks rewards

Here is the breakdown:

$9.29 x 2 = 18.58

– $4.00 Maybelline Coupons

Total oop (out of pocket) is $14.58, now you minus the $5.00 in extrabucks rewards you’ll get back = $9.58!  This means you’ve pretty much paid $4.79 for each concealer and you saved $4.50 on each!  Hopefully I didn’t through you off.  You can always comment below with any questions and I’ll answer them.

Here is the second purchase I’ll share:


(10) on sale for $4.99 each
– 10 OXI detergent coupons for @ $3.00 each

(1) 12 pk charmin tissue sale for $5.88
-.75 ibotta app
– $2.00 charmin tissue coupon

Total oop             $19.47
Saved                    $58.61

(2) packs of Luv pampers for $17.99 each
– $6.00 instant off
– $10 Catalina (cash reward receipt you will get back with your receipt; from previous purchase)
– $2.00 luv cp
– $5.00 luv cp from checkout 51 app

Total oop             $12.98 = $6.49 each pack
Saved                    $23.00

(8) @ $5.00 on sale
– 8 cps @ $2.00 each

Total oop             $20.66 = $3.44 each pack
Saved                    $34.80

With this entire purchase I spent:

TOTAL OOP         $53.11
TOTAL SAVED    $116.47

Now there are some key points on saving and coupling:

Make sure you download to your phone store apps such as: target cartwheel, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid to keep track of your points or rewards.  Other apps such as Ibotta, Krazy Coupon Lady, coupons, checkout 51, will give you examples on how to save and will help you save on purchases as well.

Stay tuned to my YouTube Channel coming soon!  I’ll be positing videos on how to coupon.