Drama and Relationships
Drama and Relationships


Hey Guys!

I figured i’ll blog a little about Social Media and how I feel it effects relationships nowadays.

Social Media can be a huge distraction when it comes to being in a relationship.  I can remember years ago before social media and cell phones, there were beepers lol!  Not that I’m putting an age on myself but I can honestly say I wish I could go back to those days.  I remember being in class and my beeper going off with codes like “1 70173 17 8383″ – I love you bebe or ” 1000 83505″ – 1000 besos.  There were also codes we gave our friends that would indicate different messages.  I miss those days it was so much fun, they also came in so many different colors.  When cellphones first came out, my first cell phone was a Nokia.  It was the size of a remote control and it was a flip top! If I recall well my second cellphone was a Nextel. Oh, the good old Nextel, “bleep, where you at?”  Definitely the good old days!  It was so much fun and I can say less distracting compared to how Social Media has evolved today.

Social Media has become very time consuming and can create drama when it comes to being in a relationship.  It has taken away personal time with our significant other, family time, and invaded our social life.  Have you gone to dinner lately?  Take a look around and you’ll see couples and groups of people all on their cell phones.  Conversations are kept to a minimal because we’re busy looking at what other people are posing.  Many time we are the ones  posing your delicious dinner entrees and updating current locations.  We don’t fully enjoy our time with our company because we’re so hooked on Social Media.  Our lives have become an open book through Social Media and we are giving the world permission to get into our business.  You may technically not see it that way but the moment you update your status or location your are exposing your business and inviting the world into your business.  You can tell if someone is going through a tough time by the content of their posts.  In relationships, the moment something goes wrong we turn to social media to vent.  Why not vent to your partners as oppose to updating negative posts and having your partner find out through Social Media?  Drama plays into a relationship, the moment we forget how important it is to keep your relationships private.  I understand its hard to tune off Social Media but there has to be a commitment and balance to respect and value your time with your partner.

Now, I can only speak for myself and most women since I know we are very emotional human beings.  If we feel our partner spends most of their time occupied on their cell phones we start to wonder; why, with who, and for what.  All these thoughts create suspicions, once there is suspicion planted in our heads then it creates a reaction.  The reaction can simply be a question, or a change of mood.  Most of the time its not a positive outcome if we feel our partner is preoccupied on their phones and not giving us any attention.  Not saying this is the right way to handle the situation but most people react negative before positive, unfortunately.  This negativity can overwhelm a relationship and trust becomes a concern.  Most women may have been detectives in their past lives because we will begin to look for things and half the time we don’t even know what we’re looking for, we’re just looking, ha! There is a saying that says “when you look, you will find”.  Not always will it be something to be concerned about but if there is lack of attention or trust anything can be taken out of content.  Its important to try to minimize the time we spend on Social Media, not only for our relationships but for yourselves.  Social Media can be deceiving not everything you see you must believe.  Don’t let it consume your time and take away your personal time with your love ones.  It is important to separate Social Media and drama and not put them together.  Set boundaries, and dedicate more time on working on your relationship, setting goals and making future plans!