One of the key importance in a healthy relationship is COMMUNICATION.


Communication is the blood line to having a healthy long lasting relationship.  I can speak based on my personal experience, my past relationships, and even my current relationships.

Communication is something that we have to learn how to achieve and work on it everyday.  Its not easy to maintain because as humans we tend to just enclose ourselves and not want to speak up.  It may be to avoid problems or just may happen because you ask yourself why should I speak up?   when things will not change anyways.  I believe if you’re looking for change you must change yourself first.  To expect change and  what we want from a relationship we have to look at yourselves and ask, what can I do differently to feel better about my life or this situation?

All it takes it just paying attention to how you think and what you think of on a day to day bases.  We can teach ourselves knowledge and teach ourselves book smarts but it takes a higher power to teach ourselves value and discipline.

Make a list of things you can do differently to improve the communication in your relationship.   Begin with deciding to reach out more, make a phone call just to see how that other person is doing.  Not to nag, or fight about why wasn’t the dishes washed last night but a simple, Hello how’s your day going can go along way.  Your opening the door to communication and improving yourself as well as your relationships.  What can you do differently today from what you did yesterday?