5 different ways to motivate you to be a good mom.  Being a mom isn’t easy at all, it demands so much from us and at the same time very rewarding.

5 Different  Ways To Motivate You to be a Good Mom?

  1. Setting Priorities – It is important to know how to set  priorities in you home.  What are the most important things as oppose to the least important?  Make a list while you’re at work or during down time at home.  Write all the things you would like to get done within the day.  You’ll be amazed to how much you can actually get done when you create a to do list.  When you don’t set priorities at home you can create  total chaos and your kids will definitely pick up on that.
  2. Scheduling Personal Time – Being a mom is really challenging.   Picture yourself cooking, work, doing chores around the house, sport activities with the kids; the can all be very demanding.  Having so much responsibilities throughout the day can make it hard for us to remember how important it is to spend some alone time with our babies.  All it takes is a few mins throughout the day to read a book, go to the park and having playtime.  The smiles we put on their faces is all worth wild!
  3. Addressing Depression – We must become aware that mental illness is a disease that may times goes undiagnosed.  If you are feeling down, and come to a point where you feel stuck its important to talk to a health professional about getting help.  There are many ways to get better but it starts with realizing you need help first.  It’s okay to ask for help don’t be afraid.  Remember we have little human beings that depend on us.  If we are incapable of taking care of ourselves how will we take care of our family?
  4. Healthy Living – Healthy eating is really important when raising our little ones.  Introducing our babies every early on to vegetables and fruits is beneficial to them.  Fast food is not healthy at all but as parents we turn to fast food because of our hectic schedules.  The down side of fast food is it increases the rate of child obesity and decreases the child interest in healthy eating.  It all starts with a decision and a disciplined routine.  I found this link very helpful, it posted on The American Heart Association website – http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/HealthyLiving/HealthyKids/HowtoMakeaHealthyHome/Top-10-Tips-to-Help-Children-Develop-Healthy-Habits_UCM_303805_Article.jsp#.V730j_krKUk
  5. Giving Responsibilities – Kids love to feel wanted and needed.  One way we can express these feelings besides the hugs and kisses is by giving them responsibilities around the house.  Clean up time can consist of putting toys where they belong, throwing away garbage in the garbage bins, setting up the table for dinner etc.  With all responsibilities should come rewards.  It can be as simple as Thursday night movie time with the family, a small allowance or even their favorite treat.  Here is a link that can help you create a chore chart that works for you.  http://www.livingwellspendingless.com/2014/09/19/great-chores-kids/